nuit romantique
nuit romantique

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Sauternes Treehouse

The Sauternes Treehouse is perched atop an oak tree with three trunks. Two balconies on the east and west allow you to take in the beautiful sunsets overlooking the vineyard or enjoy the morning sun during your breakfast outside.

A hammock will rock your worries away and you might even be surprised by the bellowing elk or curious wild deer that roam the property just a few feet away…

Tree :

Oak tree around 150 years old

Number of pers. max :

3 persons

Cabane height :

9 meters

Surface area :

20 m²

Age limit :

8 years

Access mode :

Climb to your cabin by a cable ladder with wooden rungs. Upon arrival a demonstration is performed by an instructor explaining how to use the safety harness. It takes about 5 minutes to climb up and hoist the luggage. Once the demonstration is complete you will be free to come and go as you please until 11 am on the morning of departure.

Distance parking :

1000 meters

Distance toilettes :

1000 meters