On these lands stepped in the history, a Templar commandery has left its footprints on this vast agricultural area since the 16th century. The vineyard dates back to  this period and has benefited from the care of generations of attentive and experienced winemakers.

Located at the top of a particularly sunny limestone clay shelf, vineyards are largely composed of almost 50 years old vines. These include:

– Merlots (60%)

– Cabernet Sauvignon (30%)

– Cabernet Franc (10%)

The blend between these three varieties of grapes gives to the wine of Château La Romaningue a very pleasan and structured fruity notes .

The vinification is carried out in a cellar integrating the most recent technologies such as controlled temperature (and heating systems) , and the know-how respecting the Bordeaux’ traditions.

The 2010 and 2012 vintages offered  sustained and powerful wines with great harmony. It was often thought that every dish should be accompanied with a specific wine, but today these testing constraints don’t apply anymore, and the Château la Romaningue excels in the art of diversity. It can support multiple occasions and a variety of dishes to suit your gastronomic moments .

A stay in the treehouse of the Romaningue will be an opportunity to discover and appreciate their flavor!