Frequently Asked Questions

Can we offer a night in a Three house to our children or our friends as a gift voucher ?

Nothing is easier!
You can book your gift online by clicking on the buble located on the homepage of the website, then your choice in our catalog 7/7 24h/24h. The voucher will be sent by mail or courier depending on your choice.
Your friend can also use it to make a reservation directly through our website. The price does not appear on the voucher, so you will be able to offer it directly
You can also send us an email to:
« Cabanes the romaningue » 33370 Pompignac stating clearly:
The three house selected, your address and telephone as well as the address and phone of people to whom you give the gift voucher. Thank you also to include your payment. Upon receipt of your letter, we will send the « voucher »
For personalised voucher you may contact our team by email at specifying your requirement, our team will contact you promptly

Can we stay in a three house with children?

Yes, and it is even recommended!
Our caravans are accessible to all children, the barrel and Pomerol three house are available from 2 years. Bubbles are not equipped to care for children on request we can add a bay bed
For reasons of safety (evacuation of the site, weather, illness …) minors are not allowed to come unacompagned in three houses

How dry toilets work?

It is actually wooden toilets in which are disposed biodegradable plastic bags working with sawdust. The bags are then used to make compost. No Water or chemical to protect the environment.

Do I need to wear as special outfit to climb in the three house?

No particular requirement but a casual outfit! Jeans and sneakers are perfect. Clothes in which you are to do a bit of sport, avoid skirts, heels and flip flops. This is especially true for scales and Tyrolean three houses. Refer to the description for the type of access to your three house.

Can I come down from my three house when I want?

A briefing will be made upon arrival to explain how works your three house and its access. Once we are certain that the safety has been well understood, you can hop on and off as much as you want!

What should i take with me?

The bare necessities for the night. We provide you with cloth / towel, candle / lamp dynamo and equipment to access the three houses. Beds are made on arrival, towels are available in room bath cottage.

What happens if I do not dare get into the three house?

A relocation will be provided free of charge and subject to availability, but no refund will be made. Be sure to read the general conditions « special three houses » available in our brochures and on the website.

Are your trees solid?

Our three houses are nestled in centenary oaks, and even for some hundreds of years old … They are in perfect health and control is carried out annually. For our guests, the tree is the main actor.

My cousin told me that the harness are not always very beefy?

A harness can carry a load of nearly 2 tons, like a car for example, they are checked and changed regularly, our guest safety is at the heart of our work.

To get into a Three house I guess it must be sporty?

Up in a Three house is not a physical challenge: it is the rise which is sensational. Do not get dizzy! Enthusiasm and good humor are essential ingredients! Of course you need to be comfortable on a ladder and hanged after a harness. Different types of access are available, some three houses are accessed by a simple staircase, look carefully descriptive, and if you have vertigo our trailers and our bubles are for you!

Can I charge my cell phone in the three house?

Our three houses are without electricity though it is not possible to charge your phone in the three house. By cons, trailers and bubbles have electricity.

How do you climb the luggage in the three houses?

Your bags are hung on a hook in front of the three house. Then you will be using a rope to lift them. We advice you to take the minimum.

Do the three houses have beds ?

Yes, all our three houses are equipped with real comfortable beds!

What time should we leave the three house the day of his departure?

Not later than 11 hours, it will be stated on your voucher.

Can we come up with a dish heater to prepare ourself a meal?

Using dish heater or other flame device is strictly prohibited. For obvious security reasons, you are only authorized to use the candles that will be delivered on arrival to light your three house.

Why is there an arrival time to meet?

The three houses are not hotel rooms. You will be supervised by qualified personnel. For your safety, this rigorous organization is necessary.

If I miss the scheduled departure 16H, Can I still go to my three house at 18H?

Everything is possible! You will find on your voucher our telephone number so thank you to contact us to prevent and stall a new schedule.

Can you eat there?

We offer delicious baskets you can order on our website. Warning : to guarantee freshness we ask you to inform us eight days in advance. We may offer snacks in case you have last minute requirements.

Where can I have a shower?

At the reception you can use any one of three bathroom available. In each room you will find shower towels. A small toiletry kit will be provided in your backpack

Where can I park my car?

We have parking at the reception.

How to get to my three house

All means are good to get to your three house, we provide you with bikes, you can walk, ask us to drop you with and electric vehicle. We can also provide you with a small golf car.

What can we do locally

You will find at your disposal, books, comics, games, Outdoor games for children … You can ride a bike and go on the path of the surrounding countryside. If you prefer to run or walk we will provide maps of hiking trails.

Should we bring a picnic?

Feel free to bring your picnic, cold because it is not possible to heat food in the three houses. You can find more information on the restoration site in question « can you eat there? « .

The three houses were they built in the same tree?

Yes! We chose the tree for strength and good health then, according to the rules of art, we built the three house followsingthe shape of the trunk and branches. Each three house is built according to the tree, so it is a unique work of art!